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Our signature course teaching you to create a successful podcast

Picture This...
You wake up in the morning to get a notification that you've ranked in the Apple Podcast charts (again ) next to your favourite industry experts.

You open up your analytic report to see the number of listeners and downloads skyrocketing weekly. Your DMs are filling up with raving reviews and personal messages from listeners about how a particular episode has influenced their day.

Your podcast has now become a major role in your business model, allowing you to connect with your audience on a more personal level which has resulted in more sales in your business.

Through implementing an expert strategy, you're seen as the authority and go-to person in your niche that not only has other podcasters inviting you onto their show, but also attracting guests with ease.
Create and launch your
successful podcast with ease
Is The Confident Podcaster For Me?
This is for you if:

Clarify your podcast idea and brainstorm content for 20+ episodes.

Map out a successful framework and delivery style for your content.

Get your podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, Amazon Music, and more.

Build your audience to your first 1,000 downloads.

Track your podcast in the national and international podcast charts.

Is as unique as you and your brand.

You want to be in this for the long game and sustainably build your marketing funnel.

You have your initial idea, but you need help with getting things moving.

This is not for you if:

You want a done-for-you service with copy-and-paste templates that everyone has.

You want a quick fix for a business cash-injection.

If you're looking for overnight success.

If you're not willing to spend time learning and implementing proven strategies.

Your goal isn't to have a successful podcast.

You're still sitting on the fence about creating a killer podcast.

Topics Covered

Clarifying your concept

Podcast episode planning

Equipment and tools

Podcasting set-up

Intros and outros

Episode titles and show notes

Marketing, promoting, and monetising

The legal side of podcasting

Metric analysis

Also Included:

Tutorials for popular podcasting software including Buzzsprout, Garageband, Zencastr, and more

Hey, I'm Verity!
Podcast Manager, Launch Strategist, and Host.
Since launching The Confident CEO Podcast, I have scaled to:
  • Hitting the podcast charts in 6 countries, including the top 30 in Ireland and the top 60 in the UK for entrepreneur podcasts.
  • Consistently hit the top 250 for 6+ countries.

And now I'm excited to teach you how to do the same.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does this include tech tutorials?

    We don't leave you high and dry - this course is packed with tutorials for the different pieces of tech that I recommend during this course.
  • Why should I take this course?
    Like anything you can learn online, it's true that you can get all of this information free from sites like YouTube...


    You'll have to trawl through a load of bad and outdated information first. You'll need to figure out what order to do things in, and you won't have a clearcut roadmap to publishing your podcast and getting your first 1,000 downloads.

    Also, if you pay in full, I am giving you access to The Confident CEO® Podcast Planner - a planner which I think I'm sure is the first of its kind in the world (or at least, it's the only one of its kind that I've come across!!)!!
  • How long will it take me to complete this course?
    The course is designed for you to complete at your own pace.
  • Do I get lifetime access to the course?
    Yes. Once purchased, you have lifetime access to all materials for the lifetime of the course.

    If we ever update this course, add new lessons, or add in new resources, you'll instantly be granted access to these updates!
  • Why should I get the course on pre-pre-sale or pre-sale?
    The amazing thing about getting The Confident Podcaster on either pre-pre-sale, or pre-sale, is that you get an AMAZING discount, and you also get to influence the content of the course!

    The basic structure is already written out. But, as part of the pre-pre-sale or pre-sale cohort, your feedback will be used to add in lessons and information that you feel is needed to make this course even more amazing!

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The Podcast Planner
Value = £27

PDF download 160+ reusable pages

Podcast overview worksheets

Episode idea list

Podcast guest list

Your audience worksheet

Podcast inspirations worksheets

Episode plans, notes, and reflection sheets for 30 episodes

Podcast monetisation plan templates to sell your services and products through your podcast

Notes pages

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